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ok, i heard a rumor that the XboX 360 HD-DVD drive was cancelled.… - Sony PS3 vs. Microsoft Xbox 360 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 25th, 2006|01:58 pm]


ok, i heard a rumor that the XboX 360 HD-DVD drive was cancelled. seems to lame to be true, but i have heard rumblings that the newer generation of discs are to costly to be worth it. also, i am having a hard time getting something down: does a triple core mean triple GHz?
like the 360 specs say "3.2 GHZ PPC tri-core" now does that mean 3.2 GHz TOTAL (each core running just over 1 GHz each) or that each core runs 3.2 GHz making the total power 9.6 GHz?

[User Picture]From: enigmaburn007
2006-08-26 06:21 am (UTC)
1. 3.2 GHZ means the overall cycle speed for the processor chip is at 3.2ghz. Each core in turn runs at 1.667ghz.
2. Alot of companies have alot of money tied into the HD-DVD at this point, and abandoning it would be a horrible idea, considering how hdtv has taken off. However, Microsoft has previously stated that if the Blu-ray takes off versus hd-dvd, they will in turn release a blu-ray reader for the xbox360. right now, i would wait and see if the ps3 (blu-ray) beats out the 360 in forth quarter sales this year. that'll give you a better idea.
The only real difference in cost for a hd-dvd is in fact the player. the hd-dvd format is very close to the dvd format, and rumors have it that some companies are thinking of a dual-layer dvd/hd-dvd...embedding hd-dvd in one layer and dvd in the second layer, and having a dual read head using the two different lasers for the signal.

Hope that answered your questions.
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