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xbox 360 or ps3 - Sony PS3 vs. Microsoft Xbox 360 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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xbox 360 or ps3 [Jul. 31st, 2005|12:42 pm]


[music |Blood Gulch Blues]

I think the xbox 360 is gonna be better (even thou its the uglyest color for a system... never make a white system) but im still gonna buy both systems. and the nintendo too. i think the ps3 controller is really ugly too. it looks uncomfortable. P.S. i think im gonna spray paint the ugly 360 black or get a black or fire skin for it. getting black ps3 and black nintendo(ooooooooooo i want to a computer show yesterday and got a nintendo game cd thingy that has over 690 nes/snes games! so happy!)

[User Picture]From: nightwlf
2005-08-02 08:42 pm (UTC)
i think the fact that you had to buy the rumble pak made the force feedback technology not inherent to the controller.

Microsoft has settled a patent-infringement suit and received the rights to use Immersion's technology for providing tactile responses in devices such as game controllers. Under the deal, Microsoft will pay Immersion $26 million for licensing rights and for a stake in the company, Immersion said Tuesday. Immersion also can borrow as much as $9 million more through a convertible debenture arrangement with Microsoft, the company said.
link to rest of article [here]

Japan Today reports that in addition to a hefty, $90.7-million fine for damages, Sony Computer Entertainment may be forbidden from manufacturing, using, selling or importing into the United States any of their products that include computer controlled vibrating motors because those products infringe on patents held by Immersion Corp.
link to rest of article [here]

So basically, Immersion said to Microsoft 'dudes, you are using our cool rumbling technology' and Microsoft whent 'you're right, we're sorry, we'll buy a large part of your company and give you some sweet deals if we can continue to use it.' Immersion said to Sony 'dudes, you are using our cool rumbling technology' and Sony went 'hahah, you are teh suck and we will crush you!' and Sony lost.
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